The Lake Ontario Pro-Am Series Challenge Cup is designed to determine the most consistent fisherman on the Lake. By paying a separate entry fee and committing your team to fishing all 4 of the Pro-Am Tournaments on Lake Ontario you will be competing for the ULTIMATE fishing title. The format for this prestigious Cup was reworked in 2007 —adding a new dimension to competitive fishing on Lake Ontario.

The Challenge Cup Race is divided into two separate, but equally important, “legs”. The Western Division comprised of the Orleans and Niagara Tournaments, and the Eastern Division which includes the Oswego and Wayne Tournaments. Each Divisional Race will have its own winner but the “Crown Jewel” of Lake Ontario—the Challenge Cup, will only go to the Professional and Amateur Teams compiling the highest number of points after all 4 tournaments are completed.

Consistency will be the name of the game here. Teams will be battling head to head in 8 days of hard tournament fishing to determine the winner. The new format and point system will insure that EVERYONE will be on pins and needles until the final team has weighed in on the final day of fishing. Then, and ONLY THEN, will the Lake Ontario Challenge Cup Champion be crowned.

Challenge Cup Rules

  • The Lake Ontario Pro-Am Series was divided into two divisions consisting of two tournaments each. The Western Division includes the tournaments in Niagara County and Orleans County. The Eastern Division includes Oswego and Wayne Counties.
  • To qualify for the Challenge Cup, one need only fish all of the tournaments. There is no separate entry fee to fish the cup. Everyone qualifies.
  • Challenge Cup points will be accumulated based on the place the team finishes in the Trophy AND Classic Divisions in the new tournament format – not the number of fish weighed in at each tournament.
  • Each division will have its own Division Champion (West and East) crowned after the completion of the second leg of that division. At the end of the second leg of the Eastern Division (Wayne County) a Lake Ontario Challenge Cup Champion will be crowned for Pro-Am Divisions of the Trophy, Classic and Overall.
  • In the event of a tie in a divisional race, the actual Pro-Am score will determine the winner. In the event of a tie in the race for the overall Championship, the accumulated Pro-Am scores from all the tournaments the team fished will determine the winner.